Dental Emergency during Christmas Holiday

What to do over the Christmas holiday if you have a dental emergency. There are many things that are classed as dental emergencies, but during this time, some are more urgent than others. Emergencies (call 999) Facial swelling affecting vision or breathing, preventing mouth opening more than 2 fingers width. Trauma causing loss of consciousness,…

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Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health in dentistry

Our practice manager Nicola recently completed the Mental Health Counselling and Psychotherapy course. This course highlights the significant stresses and strains the pandemic amongst other things can play on team members. It’s important for everyone in the practice to know they have the support they need. Now well equipped, Nicola is here to help team…

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Spooky season is upon us, are you getting dressed up to go trick or treating? Here’s some tricks to keeping your teeth healthy while still enjoying those mountains of treats. Choose your treats wisely, try and avoid sticky ones that stay on your teeth after you’ve finished eating them (e.g. gummy sweets, toffees…

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