Save Money But Not At Your Oral Health’s Expense

save money oral health

Save money but not at your oral health’s expense. Here are some ways to keep your mouth healthy and staying within your budget. Toothpaste There is no need to spend £££ on toothpaste. It can be difficult to know what toothpaste to buy with the huge variety that’s available in shops and supermarkets, and wonder…

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New Year New Faces

 New year, new faces. We’d like to give a warm welcome to Skye who joined us back in November.Skye has settled in to the team perfectly and is a natural Dental Nurse in the making. Skye recently finished School leaving Eyemouth high in the summer before joining the practice in November 2022. She is enjoying…

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Liann’s 30!

Our dental nurse Liann celebrated her 30th birthday in September. So what better excuse to head out for a team lunch. We enjoyed a delicious meal at a local Turkish restaurant Mavi.

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