Save Money But Not At Your Oral Health’s Expense

save money oral health

Save money but not at your oral health’s expense. Here are some ways to keep your mouth healthy and staying within your budget. Toothpaste There is no need to spend £££ on toothpaste. It can be difficult to know what toothpaste to buy with the huge variety that’s available in shops and supermarkets, and wonder…

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Should I floss?

Should I floss is a much asked question, and the short answer is yes! as long as you make time once a day your teeth and gums will stay healthy and your dentist/hygienist will be happy. Flossing is great but isn’t always the thing to use for everyone. The Importance of cleaning in-between your teeth…

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Oral Health Education

Our Dental Nurse Liann recently qualified as an Oral Health Educator. You can now make an appointment with Liann if you are concerned about your children not brushing their teeth properly. She also sees adults too! There have been many new things introduced or discovered in dentistry over the past 20 years, which means the…

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