Direct Access to a Hygienist

Do you want your teeth cleaned without seeing the dentist?

Since 2013 the General Dental Council has permitted patients to access the services of dental hygienists. Previously, a dentist had to see a patient prior to prescribing hygiene treatment. This is no longer the case, meaning that if you want a “scale and polish” with the hygienist you can simply give us a call.

A hygienist can provide oral hygiene advice, remove stain, tartar, plaque, bacterial deposits and other debris. They can advise on the progression of gum disease.

We have 2 hygienists,  Ruth Cooper and Lorraine Glasgow. For more information about them goto

Visits to a hygienist can help prevent gum disease and improve the appearance of your teeth. However, they are not a substitute for dental check ups with a dentist.

Want to keep your current dentist?

If you are already registered with a  dentist whether private or NHS, you can stay with them and just visit for hygiene appointments. This will not affect your place at another surgery.

Your First Visit ?

If you would like a clean with the hygienist she will need to see you for at least 30 minutes initially to check your medical history, dental history and carry out an assessment of your gum health. She will then be able to clean your teeth and recommend how often this should be done.

To make an appointment ring us on 01289 306084