Save Money But Not At Your Oral Health’s Expense

save money oral health

Save money but not at your oral health’s expense. Here are some ways to keep your mouth healthy and staying within your budget. Toothpaste There is no need to spend £££ on toothpaste. It can be difficult to know what toothpaste to buy with the huge variety that’s available in shops and supermarkets, and wonder…

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Wishing Dr Claire Smith a Happy Retirement

Our lovely dentist Claire retired at the beginning of May. Claire joined the practice in September 2020. Although she has only worked at the practice a short time, she has fast become a greatly valued member of the team. Bringing with her, her kind, calm and caring nature and funny stories. It has been an…

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Dental Emergency during Christmas Holiday

What to do over the Christmas holiday if you have a dental emergency. There are many things that are classed as dental emergencies, but during this time, some are more urgent than others. Emergencies (call 999) Facial swelling affecting vision or breathing, preventing mouth opening more than 2 fingers width. Trauma causing loss of consciousness,…

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