Dental Emergency during Christmas Holiday

What to do over the Christmas holiday if you have a dental emergency.

There are many things that are classed as dental emergencies, but during this time, some are more urgent than others.

Emergencies (call 999)

  • Facial swelling affecting vision or breathing, preventing mouth opening more than 2 fingers width.
  • Trauma causing loss of consciousness, double vision or vomiting.

Urgent Dental Treatment (call 111)

  • Facial swelling extending to eye and neck
  • Bleeding following an extraction that doesn’t stop after 20 mins of biting on gauze/clean tissue. A small amount of oozing is normal, just like if you had grazed your knee.
  • Bleeding due to trauma
  • Broken tooth that is causing pain, or the tooth has fallen out.
  • Extreme toothache that is preventing you sleeping, eating, is associated with significant swelling, or fever that cannot be managed with painkillers.

Non Urgent (will need to wait until the practice re-opens)

  • Loose crown or lost crowns, bridges or veneers
  • Broken, rubbing or loose dentures
  • Bleeding gums
  • Broken, loose or lost fillings
  • Chipped teeth with no pain
  • Loose orthodontic wires

Holiday Opening Hours

25th Dec to 28th Dec – CLOSED

Wed 29th 8am – 1pm

Thurs 30th 8am – 1pm

Fri 31st 8am – 1pm

Sat 1st Jan – Mon 3rd – CLOSED

Tues 4th Jan normal opening hours resume 8am – 5:30pm

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