How to manage Toothache…

If the tooth is extremely sensitive to hot or cold, antibiotics will not help. This is because the decay has to be removed and filled.

Following these home measures can hopefully help manage symptoms, until you can be seen by your dentist.


Anti inflammatories such as ibuprofen can help reduce sensitivity from teeth. We usually recommend (If it is safe for you to do so) to take a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen, dont take them altogether, space it out so you are having a dose of paracetamol, then 2hrs later a dose of ibuprofen so you are getting pain relief every 2 hours, rather than letting it wear off. If you cannot take ibuprofen, just take paracetamol as directed on the packet.

Painkillers should always be taken in accordance with instructions on the packet. Taking too many tablets, or taking medications incorrectly will not improve your symptoms, and can cause serious stomach and liver injury which can be life threatening.

Cleaning your teeth well with a fluoride toothpaste and reducing sugar intake will help to slow the decay from getting worse.

If there is a hole in the tooth, or a tooth has broken and is now sensitive or sharp, a temporary filling can be packed into the space. There are several brands available from super markets and boots. Tesco have toofypegs brand available from the pharmacy.

Desensitising Toothpaste

Rub some toothpaste directly onto the affected area leave it there without rinsing so it can get to work. Toothpastes such as sensodyne repair and protect would be good for this.

Using anaesthetic gels can also help to alleviate pain, gels such as orajel can also be found in pharmacies.