Be Mouth Cancer Aware!

Did you know? Here at Brucegate Dental Practice each time you have regular dental Check-up, the dentist carries out a mouth cancer screening.

Signs To Look Out For;

  • Sore mouth ulcers that don’t heal within several weeks.
  • Persistent lumps in the mouth or neck that don’t go away.
  • Unexplained looseness of teeth, or sockets that don’t heal after you’ve had a tooth out.
  • Unexplained, persistent numbness or an odd feeling on your lip or tongue.
  • Red or White patches on the inside of the mouth or tongue – Can sometimes be early signs of cancer.
  • Changes in speech, such as a lisp.

The Facts;

  • Mouth cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world!
  • Most cases of mouth cancer occur in older adults aged between 50 – 74.
  • Mouth cancer can occur in younger adults. HPV infection is thought to be associated with the majority of cases that occur in younger people.
  • Cancer of the mouth is also more common in men than women. This may be because, on average, men tend to drink more alcohol, and smoke more than women.


The three most effective ways of preventing mouth cancer developing.

  • Not Smoking
  • Ensure you don’t drink more than the recommended weekly limits for alcohol. (NHS recommends no more than 14 units of alcohol per week – spread evenly over 3 or more days). For help on calculating this goto :
  • Eating a healthy, Mediterranean-style diet that have plenty of fresh vegetables. Particularly tomatoes – Citrus Fruits, Olive Oil and fish.

It is also important that you have regular dental check-ups.

Information source: NHS Choices correct as of 7.8.18

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