Dont let toothache ruin your holiday

Don’t let toothache ruin your holiday!

Check out our tips to help avoid that nagging feeling.

Before you go;

Make sure you’re up to date with your Dental Check-up

 The key to avoid toothache spoiling your holiday, is prevention. If you have any outstanding issues such as a broken tooth, or a niggle your dentist can advise the best course of treatment before you go (but do tell your practitioner you are going away, so no large treatments are started before your holiday as i.e. temporary crowns are just that temporary).

Essentials to add to your packing list

Toothbrush, floss/interdental brushes, sensodyne toothpaste, Ibuprofen/Paracetamol and toofypegs – if you have a lot of fillings this is a must for your holiday first aid kit.

Denplan Patients

Please remember to take your Denplan membership number and Denplan contact details as you are covered with them whilst on holiday.

When you’re away;

Lost Filling/Broken Tooth/Lost Crown

This is where toofypeg can save the day, if you lose a filling or break a bit of tooth it can leave a very sharp edge which can scratch your tongue/cheek. Follow the manufacturers instructions to place a temporary filling.


If you are unlucky enough to either break a tooth and it causes toothache or toothache comes on out of the blue, the best thing you can do is seek dental advice from a reputable dental practitioner. In the mean time if you can take pain killers as you would for a headache. If you are in Denplan the Denplan Helpline can help to find a dentist nearby for you UK 0800 844999 Overseas +44 1962 844999


If all those cold fizzy drinks and ice-cream have taken their toll on your teeth, then try using Colgate pro relief or Sensodyne toothpaste. Try rubbing on and leave for a little while for the de-sensitiser to get to work (don’t forget don’t rinse after brushing! Just spit).


To all our Denplan patients, don’t forget you have worldwide cover so if you have a dental emergency nightmare whilst on holiday don’t worry just call Denplan and they will find you a dentist wherever you are in the world – Keep all receipts if applicable.  UK 0800 844 999 Overseas +44 1962 844 999.  For more information goto

If you are not registered with Denplan, do still keep receipts if you have had a medical emergency as some insurance companies and even credit card companies will cover some costs while abroad.